OK here me out ive read a bunch of future!HP fics and in all it was like ~peace and hapiness~ in the magical world but let’s be realist, even 30 years later, there’ll still be a lot of extremist who’ll still support voldemort and his ideology. Let’s look at WWII…… 

I want a fic in which there’s still discrimination against muggleborns, stil hate crimes, still not enough laws to protect them. Where werewolves kids can study at hogwarts but it wont stop some other kids from bullying them, in which the children of DA are facing the children of ex/repented/dead death eaters, and all in all it’s better, it’s not an all out war, but all isn’t well. 

And I want Harry Potter to be an auror who’s on the field everyday despite the ptsd, despite the anxiety, the fear, because there’s neo-deatheaters and he didn’t literally die to protect everything he cared about to stop fighting now.

IDK I just want a realist future HP fic I guess, it’s not very happy but I think it’d be interesting… also, all the muggleborns at hogwart headcanons, of the international magic schools, all the poc and queer kids. please.

im re-re-re-reading his dark materials and i have a mighty need to draw fanarts but then im also a lazy tired person so here i am thinking about various au for all my fandoms

what about a merlin divergent au

what a bout a anything divergent au

what about a divergent au in which the main character is trans and changes faction so that they can start a new life and chose a new name 

what about a anything righteous assassins au aka i kill people and i like it but its all for the greater good

or what about a — oh my god a tokyo ghoul au

- no wait, a teen wolf tokyo ghoul au in which scott gets turned into a half ghoul and stiles is his human best friend - just imagine scott disapearing and stiles joining the CCG to find him…………….

or wait i had an harry potter idea im gonna make another post for that

enjolras who’s entire family works in the police

enjolras fucking with the police during protests because he knows how they work

enjolras and les amis being arrested and forced to spend a night at the station

enjolras’s father coming to see him

enjolras grabbing grantaire and kissing him to fuck with his father

enjolras realizing that kissing grantaire was really nice actually and he should totally do it again

enjolras and grantaire

woow that’s a REALLY SHITTY move how can they be allowed to do that ?

I have no idea. classes are supposed to start in less than two weeks. Students started moving in this week, it’s possible some students of the MA are already settled in their accommodations… I’m trying to contact other students to pressure the uni… 

Like, the uni moved a few courses from a campus to another recently, and it was a shitty move, but it was way before students moved in their accommodations, and the course stayed the same… here, it’s cancelled and my only other option if I want to go to uni is a totally different MA… that’s just not cool…

the university of south wales just called me to tell me that my master (MA film) is cancelled because a few students withdrew and there’s not enough student to keep the MA going now. They offered me a place in the MA film producing but it’s not in the same city, and not exactly what I want to do. I have no idea what to do. I was supposed to be leaving for Newport on saturday. Fuck.






The audio drama, which begins recording today in a secret London location, has a cast including Colin Morgan (Merlin, The Fall) as Newton Pulsifer, Josie Lawrence (Skins, EastEnders) as Agnes Nutter and Paterson Joseph (Peep Show, Green Wing) as Famine, as well as a host of delightful cameos, from the Gardeners’ Question Time team to Neil and Terry themselves. Other cameos are set to delight listeners, but they are under wraps for now. Probably in a dusty occult bookshop in Covent Garden, but no one is quite sure. (x)

OMG. That is all.





This foreshadowing actually kills me. If Merlin could just find Arthur again, he would be his servant in every life until the end of time.

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