this whole speech made me eye roll. cry moar, Chris, seriously. particularly when your definition of what makes a rule has a lot in common with certain Texan politicians. 

Pretty much my whole problem with this scene.

Chris knew what his sister had done. If he didn’t know when she did, he certainly knew by the time Peter ripped out her psychopathic throat. It doesn’t matter that she was his sister: she was not a good person. She was an arsonist, a murderer (who killed children), and a rapist (deception of who you are is rape, as is statutory). She was a monster. Peter is too, don’t get me wrong, but he’s the monster she made, and she got what she had coming.

Victoria Argent tried to murder a teenage boy, a werewolf who had harmed no one and was by all accounts a pretty dopey, well-meaning kid, because he had the gall to love her daughter. And she didn’t seem to take into account that Allison knew what Scott was by that point and chose to be with him anyway. She denied her own child’s autonomy and then tried to kill a kid. Derek’s bite was self-defense and in defense of Scott. I’m not even sure he was trying to bite her so much as he was trying to get him and Scott the fuck away from her. She then chose to commit suicide. Derek did not kill her. Chris and her did it themselves, at Chris’ father’s urging.

Gerard Argent is the final fucking you-have-got-to-be-kidding-me in this little rant of Chris’. He knows damn well what his father was, and no one made him do a damn thing. Our first introduction to Gerard is him viciously murdering an innocent homeless werewolf who just wanted to have a pack while the man plead for his life. He threatened humans, including Scott’s mom, at multiple points in time. He drowned Matt, an admittedly fucked-up kid, but he didn’t do it for that. He killed Matt to take the kanima, and then he used it to murder more people. He used Jackson like he was a tool, not a person. He used his own granddaughter as a weapon as well, brainwashing a messed-up girl and lying to her about how her mother died. He used Allison to torture and grievously harm her classmates, two kids who were fucking terrified enough to run right into the arms of an Alpha pack that used them as playthings for months. Gerard then used Derek Hale to become the very thing he preached against, the very thing he bullied Victoria Argent into killing herself for. Gerard was worse than Kate, and truthfully, probably made Kate what she was. He certainly stole a huge part of Allison she can never get back.

So tell me again how it’s the werewolves’ fault your family is destroyed. Because it looks to me like you did it to your damn selves, and honestly, I’m not sure why I should feel sorry that any of them are dead.

And while we’re at it, let’s talk about how Derek Hale hasn’t come after you. You want to talk about decimation? Your family burned his alive. The Argents took everything from him, for nothing but your own prejudices. But no matter what you do to him (smash his car windows? go after his pack of teenagers?), Derek’s left you and your daughter alone.

So the way I see it, you do owe him. You owe him and Boyd (remember the kid you let your father and daughter torture?) and Cora a helluva lot. Your family owes the Hale pack fucking everything.



Helllllllllllo Mr. Argent.


I have a lot of feelings for Chris Argent. I believe he’s a good man. He wants to protect people, that’s why he’s a hunter. He won’t let innocent getting murdered even if they’re werewolves. He believes in justice, and he won’t makes an execption if someone who is close to him goes the wrong way. In a way we don’t know, he was less influenced by his father than Kate. Kate has been manipulated by Gerard. I’m almost certain Gerard was behind the Hale fire, or at least knew it was Kate. And Chris probably had doubts but never wanted to admit that it could be true. And when Kate comes back he notice how much she’s changed, and he isn’t even surprised when Stiles tells him it’s her who started the fire. Can you imagine what it’s like to see your sister becoming a psycho bitch? I think it’s because of Kate that he didn’t wanted Allison to know. Not because she wasn’t ready or anything, but because he was afraid she would become like Kate. That she would be manipulated and finally lose her mind. Unfortunately for him, that’s exactly what happenned. And now he’s watching his daughter becoming exactly like Kate. Look at that last gif the look he has. I see it as the moment he realize what is happenning, that something is wrong with Allison and that she is slowly losing her mind because of pain and anger, and when she calls Gerard, he gets that he’s manipulating her. He hadn’t reacted every other time when Gerard pushed Allison to act violently but how long can he stand watching his daughter becoming like his sister? Chris Argent is a good and clever man and in the ends he will do what is right to keep people safe, even if it means turning against his family. Or at least I hope so.