"Tumblr genuinely is younger than most other social platforms, and more diverse. A greater proportion of its users are people of colour than on any other major platform. Women users make up a higher percentage than anywhere else bar Pinterest. Teenagers over-index dramatically. And while Pew and other research agencies don’t tend to ask about sexuality or gender identification, LGBT visibility in Tumblr fandom is very high. What looks to dim outsiders as some kind of obsession with “social justice” often just springs from people talking about themselves, their lives and the shit that happens to them."

Just one of many excellent parts in this piece by Tom Ewing (which is only a little bit about Tumblr.)

(The piece is about Marvel fandom, though that’s not apparent from this quote.)

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An Explanation of Queer-Baiting and Why it’s a Problem


In this context, I am using the word “queer” as an umbrella term for gay, bisexual, pansexual, trans*, and gender-variant people. I recognize that it is not ideal, and I am sorry for that.

For those of you who don’t understand the concept of queer-baiting, allow me to explain it. Queer-baiting is what happens when a series wants to attract a queer audience without alienating their homophobic/transphobic audience. They introduce a character that queer people can relate to. They use the details and feelings common to queer people’s lives to make it very obvious to anyone who is queer, that the character is also queer. They know that because there is very little queer representation in media, queer people are going to latch onto this character, and therefore latch onto the series.

However, they never let the character actually come out. When the homophobic/transphobic part of the audience starts to realize that the character is queer, the writers add something to reassure them that no, of course the character is straight. Often, this takes the form of a character who is clearly portrayed as gay suddenly entering a straight relationship, but that is not the only way it can play out.

What this does, is tell queer people that their stories are not decent or important enough to be told. This tells queer people that their stories are only acceptable if they’re changed to be the stories of heteronormative people.

Additionally, when queer people say, “I identified with this character as a queer person,” or “I think this character could have been queer,” the heteronormative parts of the audience are encouraged to tell queer people that they should not be saying that. The heteronormative parts of the audience are encouraged to tell queer people, “stop projecting,” and “stop dragging respectable heteronormative characters into your weird issues.” Queer people are told that they should be ashamed of themselves for thinking that the character was being portrayed as queer.

Queer-baiting is even more painful than erasure, because it dangles fair and equal representation in front of your eyes, and then snatches it away. And then it tells you that the whole thing was in your imagination all along.

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+Urgent : Help a trans woman flee her country to survive


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+Smoke & Mirrors: stinkyhat: "trans men have always had male privilege and have thus...




"trans men have always had male privilege and have thus never truly experienced misogyny.”

that actually varies from person to person. some trans men have had to present as female for a majority of their life and even if they do present as male they may not pass as one. they do…

please tell me where my male privilege was when i lost a job to a man because he was better “physically fit” for the job.

I presented as female for twenty-three years. I experienced TONS of misogyny, from a job where I was required to wear a skirt (and laid off when I stopped doing so) to men thinking it was all right to fucking TALK ABOUT MY CLEAVAGE as if I were a piece of meat, right to my face. I didn’t feel safe walking home, I dealt with the PMS ‘jokes’, I was constantly being touched without permission, I had people make disgusting comments about my relationship with my girlfriend… all those things, all the time, and so much more. Presenting as male definitely has it’s own problems, but one thing it’s shown me is just how much misogyny I experienced on a daily basis, whereas before I began transitioning, I thought that it was just how life was.

Arguing that trans men have never experienced misogyny is by definition untrue, because misogyny is based on perceived gender, regardless of actual gender. If a person has spent any decent amount of time as visibly female, they probably have experienced misogyny. Misogyny is based in the mind of the perpetrator, not the mind of the victim, and therefore the victim’s gender, beyond what it is perceived to be by the perpetrator, is irrelevant.

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In the past month, my family’s life has been turned upside down. I am a domestic violence survivor and have been raising my five year old son alone since the day he was born. Death threats, harassment, and continued emotional abuse drove me to obtain a restraining order against my ex-husband. Shortly thereafter he filed for emergency custody of my son in South Carolina, and after dealing with jurisdictional issues, I was ordered to “return” my son to an abusive father he’s had very little contact with. I am not being allowed to bring evidence to my defense, I am not allowed to see my son for a month, I am not allowed to contact him regularly and we have NEVER spent this much time apart. The judge and attorneys have made it clear that my queer, “immoral lifestyle” is worse than being with an abusive father and that I should prepare myself for the worst. I need help.My rights as a parent and as a human being are being denied and I need to hire an attorney with experience in gay rights issues and family law. Retainers/fees are generally between $5,000-$10,000 and I cannot afford that. My son and I live in Massachusetts and we are being denied the right to go back home together. Please help if you can by donating or spreading this around, any little bit counts.
Thank you.

This is the most important thing ever, ok?